I am a vertebrate paleontologist who specializes in data analysis and artiodactyl evolution. I also dabble in modern biology, ironically concentrated on living invertebrates. Sometimes people co-opt me into doing their age-depth modelling for them as well. I hold a Bachelor's degree from Oregon State University in Biology and a Ph.D. from University of Oregon in Paleontology. I have taught English as a Second Language, Outdoor School, Geology, Biology, Statistics, Science Communication and Environmental Science.

I currently work for the School of Information at University of Arizona as an Assistant Professor, where I teach statistics, coding skills, and science communication. I also write scripts for PBS Eons, and recently appeared in a documentary for National Geographic. I am an affiliated Research Associate for the Museum of the Rockies and for Central Washington University, and occasionally consult as a paleontological contractor. I am not currently (2021 - 2022) accepting graduate students.

My hobbies include rock climbing, miniature cows, taking photos of strange objects balanced on my dogs heads, and writing science fiction and fantasy. I also own, a small clothing company focused on paleontology-inspired designs.