Finding Lake Chewaucan

Progress So Far

In 2023-2024, I and 4 students from University of Arizona began work on a 3D game built in Unity. We spent the year breaking down important game tasks like running, swimming, teleporting between spaces, and a basic quest system. We also began building important 3D game assets like trees, and reduced photogrammetry objects in size to improve performance.

Mini Games

The gameplay will involve solving multiple science-inspired mini-games, like this Match 3 Bone Identification game. In 2024 the mechanics for this mini-game have been set up, though we're still polishing the user interface.

Time Travelling

Once a mini-game has been solved, you unlock clues to the past and can use your time travel device (an Astrolabe) to see what that particular clue reveals.

 Teleport to the Past

In 2024 we worked on a teleportation system that will allow both for fast travel in the modern ecosystem, but also (once you've unlocked clues), travel into the past!

Full Game Functionality

Save game systems, audio control, and the ability to rebind your keys if you for whatever reason love strafing (I do not, but am assured others do)

Want to download the game files to open up and play with in Unity? You can access them from our current github directory below!

Want to look at the ideas behind the game, prototype mockups, scripts, and where the game is heading? Check out our game document!