Script Writing

I currently work as a freelance script-writer for the YouTube channel Eons, a Public Broadcasting System Digital Studios production. Eons is a narrative-driven channel focused on paleontology, and it uses scientific story-telling to reach an audience of 1.5 million and growing subscribers. Two of my videos have gone viral, with more than 8 million views each. 

New episodes air on Tuesdays every week.

I also work as a freelance writer for the new channel History of Humankind, where I write long-format (45 minutes +) scripts about human evolution.

How the Great White Shark outcompeted the Megalodon. Video went viral, has more than 26million  views.

How the Carnian Pluvial Event caused dinosaur diversification. This video went viral, and has over 8 million views.

A detective-style story about mysterious trace fossils found in Nebraska, called the Devil's Corkscrews.

Ground sloth, tree sloth, cave sloth, sea sloth: adaptive radiation at its finest.

How primates evolved and flourished at the start of the age of mammals.

The story of the evolution of bone in fish - first came teeth, then came armor made of teeth.

Why does T-rex have such small arms anyway? All the better to bite you with!

From gills to spiracles to lungs - how fish began to breathe air.

How Yellowstone's many eruptions created and also preserved fossils in the Northwest.

Oh, the crazy amount of information you can get from a baculum.

How geologists measure geologic time, with examples of both relative and absolute dating.

What is the oldest DNA successfully pulled from a fossil? And why is Jurassic Park impossible?

Parallel evolution of a clawed horse gorilla, and a clawed horse giraffe.

Primates in North America, over and over again.

The evolution of ostriches, emus, rheas, and their relatives is very complicated as it turns out.

In addition to working as a script writer I also worked briefly as a script editor. Below are some of the videos I edited.

Or, how the camel got its toes. And its hump. And its height.

It was a fish-eat-fish world back when Kansas was an ocean.

All the globins, all the convergent evolution.

All the chambers, all the convergent evolution.

Why are condors so big?

Giant fossil hedgehogs: one half of Foster's Rule.

Mini island mammoths: the other half of Foster's Rule.

The discovery of the Missoula Floods.