A video on my research presented as part of the Alf Museum & Western Science Center's Fossil Friday Chats. The title is "Trunks: Evolution's Vanilla Latte" which covers my research into the evolution of trunks in a variety of different mammals, and a little bit of paleontological trolling (Diplodocus had a trunk, you will never convince me otherwise because it is way too funny of an image).

An appearance on National Geographic's short 2020 series X-Ray Earth: Volcano Apocalypse where I covered the past impacts of the Yellowstone eruption on animals in North America.

An invited talk given at Central Washington University for Darwin Days, discussing ongoing research into sexual dimorphism, bone injury, and the story they tell about extinct organisms.

A competition to describe one's Ph.D. thesis in three minutes, which Dr. Emery-Wetherell took home the "People's Choice Award" for.